The processing of Procol® Guar Gum is based on a “Closed Loop System”.

To deliver high quality Guar Gum products from a clean plant, various mechanisms are in place but not limited to Closed Loop Production System, Packaging without human touch, Ventilation System, Use of Magnets, Filters & Sieves, No Glass Policy, Proper Hygiene and Health of Workers.

A systemised sanitisation programme is in place, involving daily wash and steaming of sensitive pieces of equipment to ensure low microbial counts on consistent basis.

The Procol® Guar Gums upon production are packed through automatic packers and weighing machines.

The bags are immediately safety sealed to ensure prevention from contamination.


Procol® Guar gums are packaged in standard food grade valve type, multi-walled imported (sealable) Kraft Paper Bags of Biodegradable Recyclable Quality procured from world renown bag manufacturer; Mondi Bags Austria GmbH.

Mondi has a repute of high performance, excellent industrial / technological properties and highest environmental standards with Optimised production processes.

Mondi Bags Austria is ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / PEFC / FSC / OHSAS 18001 certified.

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