Viscol® Gums | Non-Food

Viscol® is a registered trademark for Non-Food Grade Guar Gums. In warp sizing, Viscol® readily adheres to cotton and acetates to form a homogenous film which assists starches in holding fibers together to a greater degree than would otherwise be possible.

Viscol® Guar Gums are low cost thickeners and flocculants produced for paper and other industries. Small amount of Viscol® will break up agglomerated cellulose pulp fibres and disperse them uniformly in the pulp slurry. It will also flocculate many dispersible inorganic / organic impurities in water. The flocculated particles will exhibit improved filtration characteristics resulting in faster filtration and more porous filter cake.


Due to its versatility, pH tolerance and biodegradable properties, Guar Gum finds a wide range of uses in various applications where water based fluids are used or ecofriendly thickeners are preferred.

The hydrogen bonding capability of Guar Gum makes it further effective in mining application.

Some Applications :

  • Mining and General Flocculation / Suspension Aid
  • Explosives
  • Drilling: Oil, Gas and Water Wells
  • Oil Well Fracturing
  • Water Clarification
  • Hydromulch
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